Cream Spreading Machine

  • It’s adequate for spreading a single or double colored cream (according to the request).
  • Cream spreading can be contact type or by film system.
  • To ensure stability in the homogeneity of the cream, a mixer is present in the cream chamber.
  • To prevent the cream from freezing while spreading a thermostat controlled heater is available at the spreading tambour.
  • To ensure a more efficient use of the cream, a circulation system and cream chamber with internal wall operating in synchronized manner with the machine.
  • The number of wafer and cream layers will be adjusted and changed when desired.
  • It’s possible to manufacture minimum 3 layers (2 sheets 1 cream) and maximum 9 layers (5 sheets 4 cream).
  • The top layer of wafer will be carried over the top sheet of the machine as it passes without cream.
  • There’s an ironing system with double cylinder at the exit of the layer group that support the homogeneity of the cream.
  • At the end of the ironing group a digital weighing unit is available.
  • The digital scale is communicated with the cream spreading system and it will automatically increase and decrease the amount of cream using the servo motors if necessary.
  • The cream spreading machines works with the capacity of 40 sheets per minute. It will be completely made of stainless steel with the quality of 304.
  • Height adjusting feet will be used.