Ball Chocolate Mill



The jacketed water is heated and is manufactured from complex stainless CR-NI material.
It can be set from the PLC and touch screen on the motor and temperature controls.
500 kg special steel grain balls are used in our machine.
Thanks to the 3-way valve, a homogenous thinning is achieved by circulation and automatic transfer to the chocolate resting tank.
With a special angled hoe, the balls move up and down and the chocolate mixture is thinned.
Thanks to the PLC and touch screen, main engine run time, Chocolate mixture, and the cooling system activation are provided automatically.


Capacity: 600 kg / 2-4 hours
Main Engine Power: 15 Kw KR-673-60 rpm
Resistance Power: 9 Kw
Chocolate Transfer Pump Motor Power: 2.2 Kw / 2
Total Power: 26.2 Kw