Wafer Dough Automation

  • Flour is being emptied from the sack into the flour bin.
  • It’s being pumped and sifted from here by the spiral to the silo.
  • The stored flour in the silo, is being pumped to the dosing bin according to the adjustments on the PLC (MAX 50kg).
  • When the button on the control panel is pressed for dough preparation, the water amount that is measured by the PLC flowmeter is taken into the dough mixer.
  • After the water is filled at the specified amount, the dough mixer starts to run and the flour which is weighed in the desired weight is being poured into the dough mixer with the operating of the dosing engine.
  • The dough master adds the necessary ingredients and stops the mixer at the adjusted time.
  • Prepared wafers’ dough is automatically transferred by a pump to the stock tank through the sieve.