Uysal Soğutma

Since 1990 we have been providing services of food machines and cooling systems in Karaman. Our Products are under our company’s guarantee.

Compared to the short and limited opportunities Ums Gıda has achieved many successes in terms of product and machine quality to the markets where many firms have dared not to enter. It has become a source of pride in its sector in Karaman, with its marketing and sales partners that transcend national borders, without compromising on the principle of quality production . It works with a philosophy that guarantees quality at all stages, starting from manufacturing till the after-sale service, with this philosophy Ums Gıda has taken very strict and sound steps into the manufacturing of modern production facilities. It works with a customer-focused approach and gives priority to customer satisfaction at every stage of production and after sales customer support services.

Our company continues to produce for the domestic and foreign markets a lot of machines and complete facilities until this day with the R&D department which has formed its production. We are continuing to keep an eye on the facilities which we have produced abroad: AgBenf Food, Nopen TRD, Balin TRD, Joint Stock Company, Nimet Gıda (Russia).