Wafer Block Cooling

  • Cream-covered wafer plate that can be taken into the tunnel is 90 pieces.
  • Maximum and minimum wafer plate measurements that can be taken into the tunnel 290×470-350×470-350×500 mm.
  • It is an elevator type tunnel system which operates by stepping up and down from the other side by ¾ double-step chain in the tunnel.
  • Tunnel cooling capacity 18.000 Kcal / hour.
  • Four 500-Axial fans, including 3 condensers and 1 evaporator.
  • 70 m² air type 1 evaporator.
  • 100 m² air type 1 condenser.
  • 1 PCS compressor.
  • Cooling gas A404.
  • The body and covers are 3 cm thick and the inside will be insulated with polyethylene foam shell.
  • O-ring tapes will be used at the tunnel entrance and exit.
  • The machine is controlled by a control panel.
  • In normal operation, each product arrives at the elevator one step with the help of sensors.
  • At the end of production the machine is taken to the unloading position.
  • There is a product correction system at the tunnel entrance.