Wafer Baking Oven



  • It is a machine that’s designed to produce the wafer sheets.
  • Depending on the requested numbers and sizes the oven can be producing 32, 41, 61, 83 plates in 350x500mm, 290x470mm sizes.
  • Designed in a special way to suite the carrier vehicles.
  • The plate surface pattern can be manufactured to any desired size, flat or shaped wafers according to the request of the receiving company.
  • Automatic wafer sheets picking.
  • The outside parts is made of Chrome-Nickel with Strong main construction and Interior lighting.
  • It has a chain system for the bottom cleaning with blades. It also has wafer plates cleaning brushes.
  • It supports energy saving and oven heat insulation.
  • All covers are easy to open.
  • Pneumatic back tensioning system.
  • Main drive with frequency controlled gear unit.
  • Manual switching on power cuts.
  • Produces flat and hollow wafer sheets.
  • High-quality cast-iron plates and chrome-plated surface. Easily adjustable thickness of wafer sheets. Heat-resistant grease and bearings. All control components are in the main electric panel. Dough drop prevention system thanks to Pallet pump.
  • Frequency controlled dough setting. Number plates for easy identification of wafer sheets. Easy maintenance and lubrication. Heating System Suitable for propane or methane gas.
  • Gas-air mixing adjustment and safety equipment are available.
  • Automatic heat setting control. Fully automatic ignition. Automatic cut-off at low and high gas pressures and power cuts.
  • Easy-setting triangular cooking stoves.
  • Consumed gas extraction fan is available. Contactless plate surface temperature measurement. Separate adjustment of the upper and lower stoves.
  • Touch-sensitive color PLC display.